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Antylia Scientific

Self-Service for Environmental Express, Powered by Shift7 Rocket Commerce


Antylia Scientific, a leading manufacturer of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products and supplies, sells their products under a variety of brand names including Environmental Express. Their previous online customer experience needed modernizing, including:

  • An online-catalog website experience built on dated technology left customers frustrated and unable to find what they were looking for, without ability to show pricing or offer secure checkout
  • No integration with Salesforce CRM left sales without any insight into customer online behavior
  • An unsupported on-premise PIM was the single system of record for customer-facing product information



  • Designed an improved Information Architecture for Environmental Express, for dramatic improvements in user ability to navigate site content and discover products
  • Built a personalized self-service portal experience using Salesforce B2B Commerce for
  • Shift7 Rocket Commerce Accelerator features designed for the manufacturing business model brought the site to life in just 3 months
  • Self-Service Portal is integrated to Cybersource for payment, Vertex for tax, and Boomi middleware for ERP and PIM
  • In other phases of work actively underway: inriver PIM foundation is being built to be a single system of record for product information across Antylia Scientific brands, Salesforce B2B Commerce platform will expand to power customer self-service for other Antylia Scientific brands




  • Dramatic improvement in site user experience, now a reflection of the brand
  • As existing users of Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM, Environmental Express customers’ online and sales/service interactions are now seamless across the Customer 360
  • A mature digital foundation is in place for future expansions including product syndication to other online retailers, and expansion of self-service to other Antylia brands
  • 2022 plans include first-time investment in new growth marketing tactics focused on increased market share through new customer acquisition, and share of wallet through increased order frequency


“The Shift7 team was able to build a solution that exceeded our expectations and by leveraging many of the features native to the Salesforce platform, our ongoing maintenance and upgrades will be rather painless allowing us to take full advantage of the continued feature development on the Salesforce roadmap! We are already working on our next engagement with Shift7 to continue to buildout and leverage our Salesforce platform investment!”

Andy Carlson
VP Marketing at Antylia Scientific