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Run & Operate Services

Do you have the resources to own the product roadmap & enhance your application after launch? Are you ready to demonstrate that the new online experience is generating measurable growth & returns for the business?

Operate your new Digital Experience like a product. Transition from Build into Run mode with a Shift7 team engaged to sprint through ongoing application enhancements while we drive demand and adoption together.

Shift7 works an extension of your own team in an ongoing partnership model that we call Run & Operate. Let’s work together to grow what you’ve built.


If your marketing & tech teams have a skillset or bandwidth gap, we can help. Work with us as an extension of your own team in an ongoing partnership model that we call Run & Operate, and let’s work together to grow what you’ve built.

Our approach to Run & Operate

Outcome Focused

Run & operate your online business with strategic growth goals in mind – let us help further enhance the customer experience, improve traffic, adoption & conversion rates, increase online revenue and profitability

B2B Expert Talent

We’ll help select the right expertise to achieve your goals – across our talented team of technologists, marketers, and strategists

"This is another big milestone in our relentless pursuit of transforming from vanilla marketing to a personalized customer experience driving specific business goals - thanks to Shift7's hard work and attention to detail."

Darren Taylor
SVP Marketing & Digital at Fleetpride

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