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Run & Operate Services


Do you have the resources to own the product roadmap & enhance your application after launch? Are you ready to demonstrate that the new online experience is generating measurable growth & returns for the business?


Transition from Build → Run & Operate mode with a Shift7 team engaged to sprint through ongoing application enhancements while you roadmap and plan for demand generation together, with Shift7’s annual Run & Operate services.


If your marketing & tech teams have a skillset or bandwidth gap, we can help. Work with us as an extension of your own team in an ongoing partnership model that we call Run & Operate, and let’s work together to grow what you’ve built.

Our approach to Run & Operate

Outcome Focused

Run & operate your online business with strategic growth goals in mind – let us help further enhance the customer experience, improve traffic, adoption & conversion rates, increase online revenue and profitability

B2B Expert Talent

We’ll help select the right expertise to achieve your goals – across our talented team of technologists, marketers, and strategists


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