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PIM + B2B Commerce foundation in mid-size manufacturing


AccuTec Blades, a recognized leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of precision blades (and former carveout from Energizer), sells their products into industries as varied as medical, food processing, flooring, and beauty. Their previous online customer experience needed modernizing, including:

  • An online-catalog website experience built on wordpress did not offer any self-service features or ordering
  • Customers faced friction of call-center wait times to place orders or check on account status details
  • No single system of record for customer-facing product information


  • Defined and built a single system of record for all customer-facing product information using inriver PIM
  • Defined 6 unique customer segments and their set of relevant brands/products, to offer 6 personalized portal experiences (Beauty/Barber, Pro Trades/DIY, Medical, Food Processing, Manufacturing, and All)
  • Built a personalized self-service portal experience using Salesforce B2B Commerce and Shift7 Rocket Commerce Accelerator
  • Integrated inriver PIM to Salesforce, and Salesforce to Avalara,, and Plex ERP
  • Defined a measurement plan and set up marketing analytics using Google Analytics
  • Strong foundation is set for scale to syndicate through additional channels with inriver, and to pursue other segment-growth targets




  • As existing users of Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM, a customer’s online and sales/service interactions are now seamless across the Customer 360
  • A mature digital foundation is in place for future expansions including product syndication to other online retailers, and additional segment additions
  • Anticipated growth in share of wallet and customer loyalty, with lower cost to serve, all driving a more profitable online revenue stream


Unique segment-based brand/product portal experiences


“Shift 7 has proven to be a valuable partner. Their expertise on the Salesforce platform was unmatched.”

Maria Sweeney
Director, Digital Marketing at AccuTec