Full-Service Digital Solutions


B2B Commerce for Manufacturers

Looking to shift transactions from in-person or through call-center to online? Promote self-service features for your customers?


Enabling online transactions with B2B accounts can be a key growth driver as businesses seek to introduce direct to OEM sales, serve a long tail of low-volume wholesalers that require a lower cost to serve go to market model, or support other key accounts that desire self-service.

  • Customized Demo
  • User Research
  • UX Strategy & Design
  • Visual & Interaction Design Realization
  • Functional & Technical Design
  • Integrations with PIM, Content, CRM, ERP Platforms
  • Testing & Launch
  • Onboarding

Digital Marketing Services for Manufacturers

Are your online experiences generating measurable returns for the business? Are you growth focused – using data analytics and modern marketing automation techniques to acquire and convert customers with measurable influence on pipeline and revenue?


Marketing strategies drive business growth through acquisition of new customers, increased digital channel adoption, and increased conversion rates. If your B2B marketing team has a skillset or bandwidth gap, we can help.


Work with our talented B2B marketers as an extension of your own team in either a project-based or ongoing partnership model that we call CXM, and get to work, fast.

  • Audience segmentation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer loyalty/retention
  • Digital channel adoption
  • Analytics strategy & execution
  • Marketing Technologies
  • PPC management
  • Marketing Automation
  • CXM Run Model

Digital Strategy Services

Do you know your customers, what they’re looking for, and have a clear vision for what customer experience you want to provide? Do you have organizational alignment and an ROI model to support the vision?


The foundation for digital success starts with this vision, and a well-crafted plan to achieve it. Digital transformations are significant investments in resources, funding and focus. We help businesses get this right with customized strategy engagements tailored to your business needs.

  • Digital Strategy & Vision
  • Business assessment & business case creation
  • Customer Research, Persona and Journey Development
  • Digital distribution channel strategies
  • Financial & Executive Alignment
  • Roadmap Development & Prioritization
  • Enterprise Commercial Architecture
  • Digital Program Development

Product Content Digitization Services

Do you have multiple sources of content “truth” about your products? Is there an unscalable manual effort involved in managing your product information across sales channels?


Branded Manufacturers know their products and market positioning better than anyone, and have the competitive advantage of creating the richest online experience available across every channel your customer touches.

  • PIM architecture and integrations with ERP, CRM, eCommerce
  • PIM ingestion from MDM, PLM, or ERP
  • PIM syndication to online retailers and distributors
  • Product content strategic prioritization and enrichment services
  • Testing & Launch
  • Onboarding

Run & Operate Services


Do you have the resources to own the product roadmap & enhance your application after launch? Are you ready to demonstrate that the new online experience is generating measurable growth & returns for the business?


Transition from Build → Run & Operate mode with a Shift7 team engaged to sprint through ongoing application enhancements while you roadmap and plan for demand generation together, with Shift7’s annual Run & Operate services.


If your marketing & tech teams have a skillset or bandwidth gap, we can help. Work with us as an extension of your own team in an ongoing partnership model that we call Run & Operate, and let’s work together to grow what you’ve built.

  • Outcome Focused
  • B2B Expert Talent

Unified Digital Experience & Technology

Do your customers experience your brand inconsistently throughout their journey – whether viewing product specs, ordering parts, accessing warranty info? Do they have to interact with your different functional teams through siloed experiences with sales, marketing, and service?


It doesn’t have to be this way. We help clients consider their customer experiences holistically, and design a consistent online experience that meets customer-specific needs. Delivering great digital customer experiences is always underpinned by a well designed and integrated technology architecture – often many phases and projects in the making. We work with you to select and implement the tools needed to create a modern customer experience, even on a legacy back office.

  • Unified Experience Vision
  • Unified Roadmap
  • Unified Platform
  • Functional & Technical Design
  • Content Strategy & Migration
  • Testing & Launch
  • Onboarding

Web Design & Build For Manufacturers

Do you have a modern site design that works for the many audiences you serve?


B2B brand websites serve many audiences – from customers, prospects, engineers, technicians, DIYer consumers, recruits, shareholders and more. Offering a game-changing site experience starts with knowing these audiences and designing with them in mind. As manufacturing experts, we know how to gain customer insights and build differentiating customer experiences even for the most technical B2B user.

  • User Research
  • Customer Journey Design
  • Content Strategy
  • UX Strategy & Design
  • Visual & Interaction Design Realization
  • Information Architecture
  • Analytics Assessment & Competitive Analysis
  • Content Platforms : WCM/CMS/DXP
  • Functional & Technical Design
  • Content Strategy & Migration
  • Testing & Launch
  • Onboarding