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Product Information Management

Do you have multiple sources of content “truth” about your products? Is there an unscalable manual effort involved in managing your product information across sales channels?


Branded Manufacturers know their products and market positioning better than anyone, and have the competitive advantage of creating the richest online experience available across every channel your customer touches.

Our approach to Digitizing Product Content

PIM architecture and integrations with ERP, CRM, eCommerce

PIM ingestion from MDM, PLM, or ERP

PIM syndication to online retailers and distributors

Product content strategic prioritization and enrichment services

Testing & Launch


"We used channel prioritization to narrow down from thousands to dozens of channels - and data in the formats and structures they need. Now we are able to push out that content in a seamless manner, and not consume valuable hours of our company's resources. We want our team focused on building great content, not what would have in the past been a very manual, laborious process."

Christian Wiltrout
COO, SureWerx

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