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Digital Strategy & Plan Services

Commercial leaders need actionable, prescriptive direction for immediate next steps and a roadmap to a transformational customer experience


By taking the necessary time to assess what’s possible, then focusing efforts on key opportunities, businesses can move forward with momentum.

Our Approach Includes

Digital Strategy & Vision

Business assessment & business case creation

Customer Research, Persona and Journey Development

Digital distribution channel strategies

Financial & Executive Alignment

Roadmap Development & Prioritization

Enterprise Commercial Architecture

Digital Program Development

"We started laying out the roadmap of the 3-5 year plan and the tools required.. and how that will integrate with larger digital strategy of the business on the back end side as well. The next step is to develop confidence in 2 areas -- what are you going to do to grow revenue or improve operational efficiency. Shift7 has been great at diving into targets with us, so we can build that confidence with our greater team."


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