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Old World Industries



Old World Industries (OWI), an automotive chemical manufacturer, is a multi-brand operation that sells to consumers on retail shelves, and to commercial and industrial businesses. The good news: their product content was present on its dozens of distribution channels. The bad news: it was plagued with inaccuracies and operationally messy behind the scenes.

  • Product data updates were manual and labor-intensive
  • Suppliers complained of accuracy problems
  • With so many platforms and manual processes,
    there wasn’t one central and accurate location
  • In short, Old World was behind the times.
    They engaged Shift7 to catch up quickly.


  • Our technology and strategy teams assessed the state of product information at OWI, documented current challenges, learned automotive industry standards like ACES and PIES, and identified the best way to modernize OWI’s processes through PIM.
    • Assessed 4 PIM technologies in a detailed RFP, ultimately choosing InRiver as the best fit for OWI’s requirements
    • Executed a phased PIM rollout, established a data model for products and parts, and connected inbound integrations from SAP ERP
    • Added 6 initial outbound syndications including AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, Pep Boys, and Amazon
    • In phase 2, added syndication channels at Kroger, Walgreens, Canadian Tire, Sales Club, Target, Lowes, Walmart, True Value, Ace Hardware, eBay, Menards, Home Depot, and more
    • In a parallel effort in the roadmap to redesign and re-platform the OWI website presence, InRiver PIM is the product data source for its website PDP pages


  • InRiver PIM



  • With one system of record for product information, OWI’s data quality significantly increased
  • Across the dozens of online channels where OWI products live, product data is now consistent and accurate
  • Saying goodbye to spreadsheets and manual processes resulted in gained efficiencies and saved time


Syndications enabled from one central PIM