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On-Demand Webinar – Delivering Commercial Excellence in B2B Manufacturing

With Salesforce and Avalara

January 17th, 2022 / Tags: , ,

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Your customers are seeking different ways of engaging and buying from you. As you deliver multiple channels including direct sales, self-service purchasing, rebate management and more it’s hard to consolidate all of this data into a single view.

In particular, it’s difficult to bring all of these different revenue streams together to allow you to report across your business and stay compliant with the latest tax laws locally and globally.

We’ll discuss these topics and more with Andy Peebler, VP of B2B Commerce at Salesforce, Maria Tringali, Sr. Solutions Consultant at Avalara and Randy Higgins Chief Strategy Officer at Shift7 Digital.

We will look across all manufacturing channels and learn from the experts at Salesforce, Avalara and Shift7 Digital on why taking a deeper view of integrated revenue management is so important.


–  What Salesforce is seeing with manufacturing trends driving B2B selling

–  Why automation in compliance is needed now more than ever using Avalara

–  How an accelerator like Shift7’s Rocket for B2B Commerce can bring the power of integrated management to life


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