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Bringing a 100-year-old construction products manufacturer into the digital age


USG’s digital experiences weren’t living up to its well-known, premium reputation. Its digital solutions and tools were either outdated, not user friendly, inconsistent with the brand, or were simply nonexistent. In particular, product information was exceedingly hard for customers to find because of poor organization and categorization, a lack of alignment with customer needs, and incomplete or buried data.


  • Developed a strategic roadmap to guide the creation and optimization of digital experiences, informed by building products industry personas
  • Procured and implemented a Product Information Management (PIM) tool to better structure, categorize, and share product data
  • Enabled more-intuitive site navigation via an onsite search tool, new taxonomy, and updated site categorization. Created a modern, consistent and cohesive brand experience built with Adobe Experience Manager
  • Overhauled several customer tools and feature sets in 3 additional phases of work, with unique Submittal Builder and Design Studio features
    Developed a measurement strategy to identify KPIs and metrics across USG properties and implemented and configured Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio across multiple properties
  • Enhanced myUSG self-service experience, built on Salesforce Commerce, working alongside USG team through backlog of feature additions


  • Adobe AEM
  • Salesforce Commerce for B2B
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio



  • Faster speed to market and greater alignment with customer needs
  • More self-service engagement, driving efficiencies through customer-facing teams
  • Deeper understanding of user engagement with product information, marketing campaigns, digital tools, and site functionality through rich analytics
  • Engagement metrics now inform UX and design decisions and optimizations


Increased time spent Self-Servicing


INCREASE IN Downloads per session



“Shift7 has helped us do some terrific things over the years. For 2020, USG ranked [in Gartner Digital IQ Index] as digitally “gifted” – a credit to a lot of the work that the Shift7 and USG teams have done.”

Chris Howard
Head of Digital, USG