• Integrated Customer/Partner Collaboration
  • Digital Marketing Platform built on Adobe AEM
  • Search Platform built on Lucidworks Fusion
  • Cutting Edge Analytics

The Challenge:

USG’s digital experiences weren’t living up to its well-known, premium reputation. Its digital solutions and tools were either outdated, not user friendly, inconsistent with the brand, or were simply nonexistent. In particular, product information was exceedingly hard for customers to find because of poor organization and categorization, a lack of alignment with customer needs, and incomplete or buried data.

Our Approach:

  • Developed a strategic roadmap to guide the creation and optimization of digital experiences
  • Procured and implemented a Product Information Management (PIM) tool to better structure, categorize, and share product data
  • Enabled more-intuitive site navigation via an onsite search tool, new taxonomy, and updated site categorization
  • Created templates for a variety of pages (home, category, product, landing page) to create a consistent and cohesive brand experience
  • Developed a measurement strategy to identify KPIs and metrics across USG properties
  • Implemented and configured Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio across multiple properties to improve data management, provide a user action-based data structure, and develop more granular reporting

The Impact:

  • Developed an agile “test and learn” approach to building new digital capabilities across USG, leading to a faster speed to market and greater alignment with customer needs
  • Provided more robust data across the entire site, leading to greater understanding of user engagement with product information, marketing campaigns, digital tools, and site functionality
  • Utilized engagement metrics to inform UX and design decisions, therefore continually optimizing digital properties based on data
  • Integrated onsite data with digital marketing data to influence changes of future marketing campaigns, leading to repeat engagement and increased conversion of campaigns
  • Overall, improved site performance, including an increase in downloads (7%), search result click throughs (39%), and order sample requests (50%)
USG - Ceilings PDP

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