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Revenue growth through online channel strategy & optimized merchandising.


SureWerx is an international supplier of professional tool, equipment and safety products. The company acquired multiple brands over the years and sells through distribution channels. They faced a need to ‘go faster’ and realize revenue more quickly through improved syndication and leverage a mix of foundational and advanced distribution marketing efforts.

SureWerx faced multiple challenges to accomplish rapid growth goals including:

  • Disjointed, inaccurate, and limited product data across their ERPs and a variety of decentralized systems
  • Need grow in existing and quickly expand into new key sales channels with the biggest ROI potential that fit with their business model, audience and brands
  • How to create a ‘surge’ of products onto the key online distribution channels, from both a quantity and quality lens, and efficiently manage more product information on more channels


  • Digital channel prioritization output with unique SureWerx Channel Fit Index recommended and projected growth targets with focused efforts on 2 existing online distribution channels – Amazon and Zoro – and a prioritized list of new ones – beginning with Lowe’s and HD Supply
  • Surge process for SKU identification and content improvement
  • Procured and implemented InRiver Product Information Management (PIM) tool to better structure, categorize, and syndicate product data
  • Advanced marketing strategies for SEO and product discoverability with numerous analytics tools in place including Google Ads, Sellics, PriceSpider, and Amazon Marketing
  • Redesigned 4 Amazon storefronts informed by marketing and sales data
  • Email templates and landing pages updated and modernized across the family of brands
  • Created a “Where to Buy” campaign strategy utilizing Google Ads, email marketing, and PriceSpider


  • inRiver PIM
  • Amazon Marketing
  • PriceSpider
  • Sellics
  • Google Ads



  • Introduced 2 additional online selling channels with prioritized list for further expansion
  • Operationalized a product merchandising and content governance program, increasing the quality and quantity of more than 12k SKUS across 6 brands across 4 channels
  • Drove 125% increase in sales YOY across Amazon, Lowe’s, Zoro, Global, and HD Supply through product and content optimization efforts
  • InRiver PIM manages rich product information centrally and syndicates, allows for a small team to efficiently operate this growing business
  • Developed strategies around advertising, promotional events, brand landing pages/stores and other channel techniques to continue accelerating growth.
  • Insights into user behavior on external selling channels through ‘where to buy’ program further enriches branded experience







"We used channel prioritization to narrow down from thousands to dozens of channels…in the formats and structures they need. Now we are able to push out that content in a seamless manner, and not consume valuable hours of our company's resources. We want our team focused on building great content, not what would have in the past been a very manual, laborious process."

Christian Wiltrout
COO SureWerx