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State of Commerce Experience Podcast : What eCommerce means for B2B Manufacturers

March 11th, 2021 / Tags: , , , ,

Listen in as Randy Higgins, Chief Strategy Officer of Shift7 Digital, makes a guest appearance with Host Brian Walker on the State of Commerce Experience podcast for Episode 28: What eCommerce means for B2B Manufacturers

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Episode Description

Randy Higgins, Chief Strategy Officer at B2B manufacturing agency, Shift7 Digital, is the featured guest in this episode. Brian and Randy discuss Shift7 Digital’s role in helping businesses overcome the disruption of the pandemic and improve their digital experiences amid a monumental shift in buyer and distributor behaviors.

As eCommerce accelerated in the wake of the pandemic, a shift in focus away from branch sales saw B2B manufacturers facing huge disruption to their traditional distribution model.

To delve deeper into what’s been happening in B2B manufacturing over the past year, Brian Walker speaks to Randy Higgins, Chief Strategy Officer at Shift7 Digital, the leading digital agency for manufacturers.

Episode Highlights

Together, they discuss the changing roles of manufacturers and distributors, how the B2B sales process has been transformed, and the opportunities this has created, including:

– How the increase in self-service is pushing manufacturers to improve their digital experiences and what the best in the sector are doing to stand out from the crowd.

– Why B2B buyers are willing to pay more for a better commerce experience, and how manufacturers can adjust for this.

– And why manufacturers need to be considering the impact that Amazon Business and other marketplace channels could have on their sales strategy and what they should do to respond.


This episode offers many fascinating insights on how the B2B manufacturing space is changing and what manufacturers need to do to adapt to rapidly changing consumer behaviors.

If you’re a manufacturer looking for best practice insights on how to effectively sell your products in a post-covid world, you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode.


About The State of Commerce Experience Podcast Series, Sponsored by Bloomreach

Featuring meaningful discussions with commerce industry experts and thought-leaders from around the world.

The podcast will focus on the evolving nature of digital commerce, key industry trends, current market dynamics, and how B2B and B2C companies can differentiate themselves to thrive in the current climate.

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