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The Secret to Better, Faster, Cheaper B2B Commerce

By Randy Higgins, Chief Strategy Officer

February 10th, 2021 / Tags: , ,

Few things paralyze like uncertainty. When the road is long and the path isn’t clear, the chosen course of action is often to do nothing at all. The status quo remains intact, and things stay more or less the same. Problem is, for companies who are in dire need of digital transformation, the status quo can actually hinder growth and put the future in jeopardy.

That said, we understand the desire to keep things the way they are. B2B Commerce is complex, and it creates plenty of organizational uncertainty. Internal groups feel the ground shifting underneath them, some employees fear how much this change will affect their jobs, and the list goes on. Companies have been going to market the same way for so long. Why change?

Well, because it’s worth it.


Better B2B Commerce

We hear it all the time: “We do business on a handshake and our sales team adds a ton of value. Plus, our products are too complicated to be understood independently.” But the reality is, this stance does not align with current customer behavior or desire.

When manufacturers want to create a more effective customer experience, they turn to Shift7. We help them drive revenue growth by serving distributor channels more efficiently and by launching an always-on customer experience that lets them self-service. At Shift7, we have the template that allows companies to differentiate their offering and promote product innovation.


Faster B2B Commerce

Digital transformation is a massive organizational undertaking, which is why the following sentence is such a challenge: it often falls to one person, in one department. “It sounds like marketing, so let’s give it to a marketing leader.” The reality is, change needs to happen company-wide for it to be successful.

This is also where Shift7 comes in. Through working with dozens of manufacturers, we know all of the functions that need a seat at the table in an eCommerce transformation. And we’ve curated a set of core features and functionality that’s most vital to driving B2B customer adoption and revenue growth. We have the ingredients that get companies to market faster.


Cheaper B2B Commerce

From a marketing standpoint, there are typically two options for going to market digitally: a minimum viable product or a fully custom solution. The MVP is cheaper and faster, but lacks in features. The fully custom route has plenty of features, but it takes a whole lot of time and money to implement.

Enter Shift7 Rocket. It’s a templated, prescriptive approach that brings best-in-class B2B Commerce to companies in an already-packaged way. The end result is (you guessed it) better, easier and cheaper.

With Rocket, you’ll go from Zero to Selling Online in only three months.


Goodbye, uncertainty. Hello, certainty.


When you’re ready, learn more and request a demo:

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