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From Shift7 and Balance : The full ecommerce go-to-market guide for your manufacturing business

A Collaboration with Balance

October 19th, 2022 / Tags: , , , ,

The B2B commerce opportunity is clearer than ever. Self-service purchasing not only makes doing business easier for your customers – but it helps drive internal efficiency, reduce costs, and bolster revenue. But the exact steps that should be taken to roll out a sophisticated online experience and enable growth are not immediately obvious or intuitive.

Should manufacturers start by finding a technology partner and then prioritize user needs? Or should they start their path to B2B commerce by setting a budget and timeline and then think about what capabilities to offer in their self-service website experience?

In our latest guide with Balance, our Chief Strategy Officer, Randy Higgins, lays out a clear and practical framework for going to market with an ecommerce channel. From initial planning to technology investment, this plan, build, run approach, built from the best practices we’ve learned from working with manufacturers, can help you launch a winning online commerce experience.


Because getting started is the most important step.


By setting the right goals from day one, manufacturers can gradually improve different parts of the buyer journey. A very important part of that journey is payments. In each chapter, Balance, one of our strategic partners, shares tips on developing the B2B ecommerce payment experience and why by doing so, businesses can discover new growth opportunities.


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This whitepaper was produced in partnership with Balance

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