Digital Clean-UP

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Multiple e-commerce systems, platforms, CMSs, hosting providers, languages, tools, services tend to accumulate over time.

As technology evolves and organizations expand, costs can quickly outpace value as so many of these systems pile up. This is particularly noticeable in the B2B space. What is the right approach: should you consolidate onto a single platform with a single software provider, or will multiple smaller systems suffice? How do we make the business case to our executives when everything “appears to work fine?” but still provide a superior customer experience? Our digital clean-up offering is a practical approach to transforming web properties and answering these questions and more.

Do any either of these sound like your organization?

Over the last few years, the organization has launched a new technology platform to support our digital experiences. This platform represents some combination of the standard digital technologies like Content Management, Commerce, Mobile Apps, or Marketing Platforms, but the well-intentioned digital program of a few years ago needs a revitalization. Due to lack of “well managed” governance, as well as increased demand for digital channel experiences, the development of content, assets, and tools has gotten out of control. These occurrences have created rising “Total Cost of Ownership” for digital, as well as confusion and uncertainty for the “single source of truth” for content.

Due to specific mergers, acquisitions, or business line changes, the organization has “collected” an abundance of digital technologies. These collections of platforms are redundant and unnecessary. Often due multiple content management and eCommerce solutions are being used, and consolidation can be sought to gain efficiencies, cost reduction, and streamlined operations.

Where to go from here

Organizations ask questions years later that they may not have during the original implementation of these systems: What is the right approach… should we consolidate onto a single platform with a single software provider, or will multiple smaller systems suffice? Does housing some services in the cloud help or hurt? How do we make the business case to our executives when everything “appears to work fine?”

Why focus on this solution?

Three key business drivers are impacted by this problem and can unlock value:

  • Digital marketing effectiveness– cleaning up digital properties can lead to ↑ increased revenue
  • Total cost of ownership– significant opportunity for ↓ reducing licensing costs, hardware costs, support and redundant enhancement costs..
  • Operational efficiency– overall opportunity for ↓ reduced business spend.
Solution Definition

The solution to the digital stockpile involves (1) conducting an audit of current processes, digital content, and technology platforms, (2) making the case for consolidation and then establishing new processes, governance, and (3) technology to implement a new unified digital vision.

Establish Digital Priorities

First, determine our objectives

  • Determine business objectives
  • Conduct audit of current processes, content and platforms
  • Define to-be architecture
Create Digital Roadmap

Next, make the case for change

  • Make the business case for consolidation
  • Design new processes and governance that align to digital priorities
  • Plan technology implementations to make digital priorities a reality
Implement Common Platforms

Implement a new unified digital vision

  • Re-platform content management, e-commerce, product information management and related systems
  • Roll out new processes, governance and relevant organizational structures

We’ll identify your company’s needs and build a practical roadmap forward so that you can create deeper connections with your customers and drive business outcomes.