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The Time Is Now: Invest In Your Digital Experience

September 13th, 2019 / Tags:

When’s the last time you used a landline? How about a pay phone? (Do those things even exist anymore?) If you’re at a loss, we’re not surprised. The fact of the matter is that it’s 2019 and just like we use mobile phones over landlines, it’s the same with your website—it’s time to modernize and invest in your digital experience.

You might be thinking, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But, hate to break it to you, that is a laggard mentality—and who wants to be a laggard? No one. At SHIFT7, we say break it. Even if what you’ve been doing has been working (sort of), we guarantee that there’s room for improvement. It’s a chance to be a leader in your industry and to leave the rest of the laggards in the dust.

Let’s Go!

Moving forward with digital transformation begins by asking yourself some critical questions* such as:

What digital investment have you made in the last two years?
Have you developed a Digital Roadmap?
Do you have an understanding of your end customers’ online shopping needs and buying behaviors?
Does your company have defined goals and objectives for your digital experiences and channels?


Once you have a better idea of where you stand in your digital maturity, the next step is to create a solid digital strategy that touches on every aspect of the business, from marketing and sales to user experience, product management, technology platforms, and more.

If this sounds overwhelming, that’s okay. Companies like SHIFT7 exist solely for this reason—we want to help our partners create the best digital plan for their unique business needs and to ultimately improve their bottom line. Our success is proven by theirs.

If you’re interested in getting started, or at least want to have some questions answered, get in touch.

And, of course, stay tuned for next week’s episode, “With Great PIM Comes Great Responsibility.”

*Note: you can find these and more in our Manufacturing Digital Maturity Index.


Holy What?

The world of B2B manufacturing is changing—ready or not. But if this has you thinking, “holy sh*t!” don’t worry — you’re not alone. SHIFT7 Digital is here to bring the world’s leading manufacturers into the future. In each episode of the Future Proof series, our team of experts will walk you through how you can take control of your digital experiences, start to finish. From creating a roadmap to understanding your customers and everything in between, this series will take you from “holy $#*!t” to “holy shift.” Welcome to the path forward.

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