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Salesforce winter 2023 release: The business executive’s guide

by Joe Anzalone, from MarTech

November 30th, 2022 / Tags: , , , , , ,

Salesforce added key features, including support for subscription selling and sales enablement functionality.

More than 150,000 companies are Salesforce customers. Salesforce’s share of the CRM market is about 25%.

Few customers take advantage of the thrice-yearly release updates rolled out to every Salesforce user. I get it. Folks aren’t always paying attention to the releases because they’re focused on running their business, tending to the million things that come up each day.

The full edition of this Winter’s ‘23 Release comes in at over 700 pages. The boiled-down, brass-tacks summary is still 32 pages.

Few business executives have the time and bandwidth to keep up with the ins and outs of these updates. Your admins and marketing operations people may slog through the whole doc but may not connect the dots between business initiatives and platform functionality.

This series will connect those dots. I’ll summarize what you need to know about the latest release in five key categories: commerce, sales, service, marketing and loyalty programs.

I’ll cover the features that will help you make better decisions for your business and maximize how you use the platform.

Based on features in this release, Salesforce is focused on:

– Improving the base platform (adding ease that your hands-on admin and developer teams have requested for a long time).

– Creating even more ways to connect with customers.

– Offering more industry-tailored options that bring value to a business more quickly.

Robust support for subscription selling added to Commerce

Adding a subscription pricing model benefits most businesses, whether you’re a fan belt manufacturer or an artisan dog food company.

Making it easier for your customer to buy your product is always a win-win, and this release makes implementing subscriptions more seamless from the backend with the Connect API tool.

Connect API resources now support subscriptions and multiple product-selling models:

– One-time sales where products are sold for specific prices once.

– Term sales offer time-limited subscriptions. Products are sold and renewed for a specific amount of time, e.g. 12 months.

– Evergreen subscriptions offer products on a recurring basis until canceled.

Configuring charges for collecting local taxes in international jurisdictions was also enabled.

Additions to sales enablement functionality

Overall, I’m loving the general focus on enablement through enhancements with dynamic forms, screen flows, and Slack integration.

Teams can now build and launch enablement programs that drive to the most important KPIs for your business. You can now focus on specifics, like programs for a particular region or product, and offer incentives to drive business from them.

And, dynamic form improvements mean end-users have more flexibility with fields and sections to display on page layouts.

Sales teams can now better access, update, share records and get important notifications on their key accounts directly within Slack using a new integration. Sales can collaborate in account- and opportunity-focused Slack channels while accessing Salesforce data.

And, you can make it easier for sales teams to work with colleagues throughout the enterprise in departments such as fulfillment, shipping, and finance. This is enabled using Slack and providing real-time access to data stored in Salesforce to everyone who needs it.

Next time, I’ll dive into the latest service, marketing, and loyalty programs features included in the Winter 2023 release.


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