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Shift7 in Entrepreneur : Here’s How to Plan Your Digital-Marketing Strategy and Set Budget Priorities

February 26th, 2021 / Tags: , , , ,

In 2020, digital marketing became one of the only ways for so many industries to do business, and for many, this was crippling; they simply weren’t prepared for the transition and found themselves scrambling to pull plans together, in some cases, after it was too late.

What everyone knows now is that digital marketing is here to stay, even after COVID will be a distant memory, and it needs to continue to be a top priority for businesses who want to compete – no matter the industry. But what does this mean for your specific brand? “Digital marketing” is a huge umbrella and can mean so many different things.

Where should you prioritize your dollars for 2021? Our CEO Andrew Walker shared his thoughts in Entrepreneur Media.

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