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Initiatives to Help Manufacturers Navigate a Virtual World

Due to recent global events, we all find ourselves in the shift to a virtual work & sales reality. This creates uncertainty around both supply chain and demand generation for manufacturers. As we help our clients navigate these new challenges, we are addressing key questions to ensure they have the agility to meet rapidly changing markets. Here are some critical initiatives that we see necessary to adapt now and futureproof for later.

  • 01
    Launch FAQ Microsite

    Frequent communication to internal and external stakeholders is critical. Launch a dynamic microsite to manage real-time communication for timely access to your brand & business.

  • 02
    Product Visibility “Everywhere”

    Be ready to go where your customers go. Ensure your products all uploaded on your website, syndicated to your resellers and distributors. Build a “task force” to ensure all products are visible and accessible to all customers. Solutions like Product Information Management (PIM) can assist greatly

  • 03
    Stand-Up an eCommerce MVP Site

    With cloud-based solutions, an MVP can be launched quickly to establish minimum capabilities to support eCommerce. Give your customers direct access to your products. Standup a direct e-commerce site to help support revenue levels.

  • 04
    Load Up on Self-Service Features

    Make sure your customers can self-service their order status. Enhance your customer portal with up to date order and shipping information.

  • 05
    Enable Sales with a "WFH" Mobile Solution

    Your sales team cannot be F2F. Arm your team with content and insights for effective virtual selling. This can be even basic things like laptops, CRM capability, video conference, or salesforce community (FAQs, etc.)

  • 06
    "Parts & Accessories" Portal

    Your customers need access to parts and service information. Build a service portal with rich content and parts availability.

  • 07
    Get Loud and Drive Digital Demand

    Shift monies for trade shows and events to digital marketing and advertising tactics in order to reach customers that you no longer have physical access to.