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Webinar On-Demand : Strategies to Accelerate Online Revenue

June 22nd, 2021 / Tags: ,

Manufacturers evaluating online growth strategies are weighing their options to drive revenue. Some focus on online distribution footprint, some extend their primary business model with a direct-to-consumer offshoot, and some launch and grow their own B2B ecommerce offerings to directly serve customers and dealers/distributors with an all-in-one online experience.

Whether it be for selling parts or finished goods, or for serving strategic accounts, or long-tail small customers, business models for growing B2B commerce abound, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Watch as Lincoln Electric, Melissa and Doug, LLC, and Shift7 Digital discuss the many routes to accelerating online revenue and how their organizations have started their B2B commerce transformations.



Recorded Live with Manufacturer’s Alliance, Jun 22, 2021


Greg Doria, Senior Vice President of Harris Products, Lincoln Electric (formerly Vice President of Marketing)
Dave Henderson, Chief Commercial Officer at Melissa and Doug, LLC
Randy Higgins, Chief Strategy Officer at Shift7 Digital
Brad Borman, Managing Director at Shift7 Digital

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