• SAP Hybris Platform Implementation
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Testing & Optimization

The Challenge:

WESCO is in one of the fastest growing B2B distributors, but couldn’t keep up with competition due to outdated digital experiences and systems. Their website wasn’t aligned to their customer expectations, and therefore couldn’t serve customers’ needs. Moreover, their commerce platform wasn’t structured to scale and accommodate future growth.

Our Approach:

  • Identified target audiences, their expectations & needs, and their digital lifecycle
  • Evaluated current platform infrastructure to identify areas to improve performance
  • Implemented SAP Hybris to update digital infrastructure, reduce timeouts, and speed up the authentication process
  • Implemented Endeca to improve onsite search, and configured in such a way so as to streamline management of information between Endeca & Hybris
  • Connected with senior stakeholders to identify new revenue opportunities through digital
700 %

improvement in site performance

The Impact:

  • Strengthened customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Improved the experience across a range of categories—including speed, user experience, onsite search, and journey management
  • Identified future opportunities to continue to optimize WESCO’s digital infrastructure & experience
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