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Lincoln Electric

A unified experience to serve a global audience and multiple brands.


Lincoln Electric had created a number of disparate customer experiences to serve their vast B2B customer set and much smaller direct-to-consumer audience. Without a shared vision, plan, or roadmap guiding those experiences, they had become technically bloated and failed to truly meet any of their customers needs.

Through acquisition and global growth, Lincoln had also added multiple brands and regions to their offering. The experiences supporting these brands and regions were falling to the same fate or failing to deliver their customers with an experience that meets their needs and allows them to achieve their goals.


  • Understanding complex B2B buyer customer experience needs and journeys
  • Benchmarked Lincoln’s digital maturity amongst competitors
  • Established a strategic roadmap defining all projects/phases to unify disparate systems and connect to back office
  • Enabled more-intuitive site navigation via an onsite search tool, new taxonomy, and updated site categorization
  • Created templates for a variety of pages (home, category, product, landing page) to create a consistent and cohesive brand experience
  • Launched B2C ecommerce experience to pilot supporting activities
  • Launched fully unified experience for B2B customers with deep integrations across Sitecore CMS, Salesforce B2B Commerce and inriver PIM systems
  • Scaled unified platform across Lincoln’s global multi-brand footprint


  • Sitecore CMS
  • inriver PIM
  • Salesforce B2B Commerce
  • Salesforce Service Cloud (Knowledge Base)
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud (Community Cloud)



  • Single, shared experience for all of Lincoln Electric’s customers, without the need for additional portals, ecommerce experiences, or marketing-specific sites
  • Established a single source of truth for content and product data
  • Generating revenue through B2C ecommerce experience, gaining insights into customer behavior
  • Offering a unified and revenue-generating B2B web experience with deep integrations across CMS, Commerce, PIM, and DAM
  • Now operating at a global scale, the unified platform supports online customer experiences on 37 sites around the world

6 > 1

reduction from 6 disparate sites to 1 for customers


Site experiences globally


cost to serve savings


incremental B2B eCommerce revenue




"Shift7 has a team of engaging people that really get the systems, burn the midnight oil to get it done, and have really adapted to our needs."

Greg Doria
VP Marketing, Lincoln Electric