Kennametal – Optimized site performance and improved scalability

  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Performance Testing & Optimization
  • Adobe Analytics

The Challenge:

Kennametal’s website was not performing efficiently or driving value for the business. It was slow, riddled with errors, and was hosted on a shared platform, leaving them unable to access their own intellectual property.

Moreover, the website engagement data they were capturing was incomplete, unstructured, and not utilized by the business, leading to confusion about what users were interacting with and how the website helped lead customers down the conversion path.

Our Approach:

  • Migrated Kennametal’s existing systems to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) server
  • Utilized performance testing and optimization tools to make the site faster, more reliable & secure, and easier to maintain
  • Created a measurement strategy that defined KPIs that tracked onsite actions pertinent to the business; utilized the measurement strategy as the foundation for the solution design of an Adobe Analytics implementation that spanned across multiple domains
  • Trained Kennametal resources on how to create actionable reports, derive insights, and make decisions from data to enable future self-service
  • Implemented Adobe Target to conduct onsite experiments, optimize the experience, and enable personalization
50 %

improvement in response times

30 %

more requests handled per minute

The Impact:

  • Drastically improved the user experience and hosting, leading to a 50% improvement in response time and a 30% improvement in the amount of requests handled per minute
  • Enabled access to server diagnostics and restored Kennametal’s access to their own IP
  • Created a unique analytics solution and provided training to resources to leverage learnings from data
  • Enabled onsite experimentation, optimization, and personalization

By working with Shift7 Digital, we have dramatically reduced response times, providing us significant advantage in our marketing efforts.

Chris Laufer Senior Web Analyst of Marketing Technology at Kennametal
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