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Unified Digital Experience & Technology

Do your customers experience your brand inconsistently throughout their journey – whether viewing product specs, ordering parts, accessing warranty info? Do they have to interact with your different functional teams through siloed experiences with sales, marketing, and service?


It doesn’t have to be this way. We help clients consider their customer experiences holistically, and design a consistent online experience that meets customer-specific needs. Delivering great digital customer experiences is always underpinned by a well designed and integrated technology architecture – often many phases and projects in the making. We work with you to select and implement the tools needed to create a modern customer experience, even on a legacy back office.

Our approach to Unified Experience & Technology

Unified Experience Vision

Unified Roadmap

Unified Platform

Content Platforms : WCM/CMS/DXP Content, Commerce & Search Commerce Platforms Product Information Management (PIM) Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Punchout

Functional & Technical Design

Content Strategy & Migration

Testing & Launch


“Shift7 has helped us do some terrific things over the years. For 2020, USG ranked [in Gartner Digital IQ Index] as digitally “gifted” – a credit to a lot of the work that the Shift7 and USG teams have done.”

Chris Howard
Head of Digital, USG

So, you want your customers to do business online. Now what?

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